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Incense is one of the most ancient, and simplest ways to scent your home. Give it a modern update with our new range of incense from Blackbird studio, who are known for their remarkable and unconventional fragrances. These intoxicating scents will bring a touch of magic to any home.

Each tin contains 20+ black charcoal incense cones, handmade in Seattle. The tin's lid can also act as a handy burner. The little tins are perfect as a gift or even to take travelling.

Blood Countess

Scent notes of frankincense, warm resins and spice. Our best selling incense - dark, warm, and a little sweet with a hint of spice.


Scent notes of wood bouquet and beeswax. A brilliantly layered scent, that will endow any space with an air of preparedness for whatever comes next.


Scent notes of flower nectar and oud. Our most extravagant incense fragrance to date, Hekkes builds on an exotic oud wood base with a rich and sappy floral nectar accord.


Scent notes of spice, leather and cognac. A tantalising, strong, spicy hot leather fragrance and is one of the longest-lasting in the collection. 


Scent notes of vetiver, cypress and soil. A sophisticated and rich green, woody-earthy fragrance. Burning Muru imparts a foreign, exotic feel to any atmosphere. 


Scent notes of white flower, wood and herbs. A mysterious and thought-inspiring fragrance - works for any occasion to lift spirits and inspire creativity.


Scent notes of frankincense and apricot. Two Middle Eastern treasures join to form a effervescent and opulent accord. 

Burning time per cone: 15 min approx.
Scent longevity: 2-6 hours