26 Jul

Making a difference

If you fancy knocking your home out of the park when it comes to design you have to think a little differently.  We’re not by the way thinking differently to be gimmicky or different for differents sake we’re thinking differently in order to create a space that compels intrigues and makes us catch our breath the moment we walk through the door. For instance most people think you should hang a pendant in the centre of the room and of course you can do that but you can also hang a pendant over a console in the corner of the...
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25 Jul


I have a bit of a thing about text on things. Scrawled across walls, furniture, art I guess because it feels a little bad boy, non conventional and totally rock n roll. The great thing about it is that it instantly updates anything, giving it elevated status, which is exactly the point in this DIY section. Plus it costs next to nothing –even better! It can be as simple as one line of text or it can cover the wall or piece entirely the choice as they say is yours! There’s something about lettering that feels instantly personal yet whimsical,...
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25 Jul

Eclectic Decorating 101

Eclectic interiors are the hardest ones in the world to pull off. Firstly anything goes they pull upon many references, styles, time periods, textures, colours you name it. Secondly not so many of us get it right because there is a fine line between a room feeling bonkers and a space feeling crazy. It takes skill and it takes intelligence since absolutely nothing matches and yet somehow it’s all got to make perfect sense. This style of decorating reshuffles the rules, you can mix luxe and humble, trad with contemporary, old with new but it can’t feel like a free...
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