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This Aussie spa style bathroom has a great headstart with the window and soaring high ceilings, but it’s actually quite simple if you really drill down into it. No super expensive gold or marble here – it’s just paint and tiles on the walls, simple chrome fittings and plain white bath and shower. So what’s stopping this bathroom look totally generic and just like thousands of other bedrooms? In short it’s the accessories. For me, it’s all about the little details when you want to create that blissful spa feeling at home in your bathroom. I know I’ve talked about how I want to (!), but in the meantime this space is a great reminder of the power of accessories. If you can’t renovate or even if you’re renting, all of us can add a few cool objects and swap out a light fixture, right?

So it’s those finishing touches I wanted to concentrate on today. First off, a statement chandelier is always a decorating must-have in my books, even better this is the mud beaded one that I’m head over heels obsessed with. You might recognise – it’s the same as my bedroom. There’s barely a room in my pad that doesn’t have a chandelier, but I’m particularly a fan of them in bathrooms ). In these super functional spaces they’re even more fun and unexpected, and also you can get away with hanging them low over the bath. Oodles of drama guaranteed.

Whacking great chandeliers aside, there are lots of little 5* touches you can make to transform a bathroom. Maybe it’s as simple as adding a scented candle, or perhaps some flowers or branches? The organic elements such as the wicker basket or wooden stump side table add much needed texture and a more relaxed vibe.

Treat yourself to gorgeous toiletries too. I’ve got Aesop handwash and balm in my bathroom and downstairs loo – I love the scent and the cool medicine bottle packaging. Throw in some luxe textiles like fluffy white towels and linen – could be linen curtains like here, or a shower curtain, dressing robe, or hand towel even. It’s all about bringing in little touches of luxury. As you can see the spa vibe has very little to do with marble and gold taps, and is all about having the right attitude and creating an ambience. Enjoy!



Finalhosting why this works bathroom get the look

Clockwise from top left:  |  | Mud beaded chandelier |  |  | Wicker handle basket | Evergreen foliage |  |

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