27 May


Hollie Newton – MEET THE MAKER In the fifth of our new series: Meet The Makers we celebrate another inspiring woman from the botanical world. Meet Hollie Newton – where we talk about her growing (ahem) obsession for gardening and garden cocktails. AA: What got you into gardening? Our first rusty old rented balcony under the Heathrow flight path. What started as a pot of rosemary and a rambling rose soon became trailing tomatoes, strawberries on the windowsill, and a tasty little yellow courgette variety… followed by full-blown gardening obsession. It’s highly contagious. AA: Have your friends been inspired by your gardening gift? Lots...
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23 Mar

Puppy Love

In honour of world puppy day I am dedicating today’s post to my lovely pooches, who I adore! Mungo and Maud (or the two M’s, as I call them) are the two biggest things I’ve done in making my house a home. Photo: Mungo looking so cute The M’s and their funny comedic ways. I once vowed they wouldn’t sleep on the bed and these days I’m the one scrunched into the smallest space. Maud is either under the duvet legs in the air, (when that gets too hot she’s next to me face on pillow) and Mungo is sprawled...
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19 Jan


Sometimes words of wisdom are just what you need. These are the words of wisdom from people I truly admire. They motivate me, uplift me and keep me going when things seem tough. Hopefully they will boost your morale and get you ready for any challenges life throws at you too!
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