12 Feb


I’m about to reveal my biggest secret to you. This is the basis of our business (practically!)… Gem and I travel a lot for work, this year it’s actually crazier than last (not so fab for someone who doesn’t like flying).  Never mind that those days are long and nights are often sleep deprived, particularly if it’s far flung, which it usually is as my body clock just will not comply no matter what I do. Don’t drink, do drink, take sleeping pills, eat lightly – it’s totally irrelevant to me. I only have two requests when I travel; I need a...
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08 Oct


The Drunken Botanist is a really cool eclectic little book which is always on my coffee table. It’s a great guide to all the hidden plants in your booze, and how to mix up brilliant drinks by pillaging your own garden. I’m totally obsessed with pulling off that cool cocktail hour vibe at home at the moment, when it’s darker and colder and you just don’t feel like going out, so this is perfect. I’m really excited that we managed to pin down the author, Amy Stewart, for a quick Q&A on the blog. She’s an expert in both botany and booze, so my kind...
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24 Sep


My latest obsession revolves around gin – now I know you could say that’s nothing new, but more specifically the gin served from these guys, The Travelling Gin Company. It’s a mobile pop-up bicycle bar, how cool is that! Established by Ed Godden and Joe Lewis in 2011, the guys were inspired to launch their business after a cycling trip round Amsterdam. You’ll find classic G&T’s and cocktails served straight from bicycle baskets. Chin chin! In a nutshell, tell us about the idea behind The Travelling Gin Co.? It all stemmed from Joe taking a cycling trip to Amsterdam, on...
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