04 Jan


It's January, so I am allowed to talk new goals, right? Whilst I don’t fall into the New Year, new you trap, I do believe in setting out intentions. Exercise more, eat better, take time out, streamline the biz, revamp this pad a bit all the usual stuff.

Anna Jones recipe 


Which gets me onto my next point - trends. I can’t stand trends. I can’t stand that brushed accents are in one season and out the next, then, suddenly it's all about blush but wait a minute, it's all about ochre now.

What is in or out, on its way in or sidelined to the back of the court is totally irrelevant. Nobody should decorate with trends, you should decorate with things you love.




This means sometimes I’m in in the press and sometimes I’m out – all fine with me I don’t care if one editor shouts dark colours are over or another shouts its all about whites. Design is about living with what you love and creating your own trends, So here’s to creating goals that YOU own.  By all means look at trends but only buy into what you love and don’t pay too much attention to all the noise out there proclaiming this is in or out.


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