19 Nov

My Home: Then & Now

I was asked by Hiscox recently whether or not my house has changed much over the years. The answer is yes, massively!

In fact I’ll let you in on a little secret – before my conversion to the dark side, the house was all painted white top to bottom. This was when the whole bleached-out, minimal Scandinavian look was the trendiest thing in interiors. But then I began to experiment a bit – I painted one wall in a slate grey and the transformation was so stunning that I immediately embraced the dark side, forgot about trends and I’ve never looked back.

Everyone loves a good before and after shot, so here’s my kitchen and bedroom before and after switching to the dark side. Unrecognisable, right?

For the complete makeover transformation, . You can see that the house has totally evolved as my tastes have changed! From minimal and white, through shades of grey, to the maximalist vibe and dramatic inky blacks I love today.


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