15 May


Anyone who follows me, knows I am a little obsessed.  It is the social platform I can’t get enough of, especially as I’ve recently found out about Instagram Stories. I am now running little videos of before and after scenes in my pad, images of the stores, flicking through my favourite books or just updates of my life with the M’s.

For me, Instagram is a constant source of inspiration and I thought I would share some of the themes I am particularly taken with.


Cacti, banana trees, leaves, rattan, woven, palms – any plant-filled ledge inspires me and keeps me focused on the day job. It also reminds me of Asia, where I seem to be spending half of my life at the moment.


Anything that has the colour palette of moody, inky, sludgy stand out spaces – yes please! I can’t get enough. You guys are being so more daring and being bold with dark colours – I LOVE it!


I recently decided to give myself a health kick and be one of those fabulously healthy people who seem to glow with energy – but not in a annoying way.  Health conscience, that’s what I am, and I am all over those feeds who empower the need for marinated kale, nut milks, new juices and green tea.
In my next life, as well as opening a coffee shop, I want to spend days at home making nut milk and marinating kale – simple but wonderfully fulfilling.


Anything cabin-y, forest-ish and I’m all over it. I picture myself in my third life in a little cabin with the smallest stove making the odd soup or stew, knitting (I don’t knit), sipping whisky and watching the fire. Nice, right?


Forget the minimalistic approach, go bold and be a maximalist. Sometimes interiors on Instagram can feel too perfect, too styled and a bit staged. I prefer lived in, cosy and natural – a bit like my pad!

Here are a few of my favourite Instagram accounts who inspire me everyday!
design sponge

Design Sponge



soho house

cereal mag

cabin porn

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