09 Dec


I am obsessive about creating beautiful home offices. Not surprising really seeing as it’s not just me who works here in my pad, but also the whole AA head office team too! We’ve had to expand upwards and outwards as the team’s grown, so I’m in the process of transforming the top floor of the house into an office/design studio for Design Masterclass days. It’s got quite a way to go and I’m working on it, so I have home offices on the brain a lot right now. I’ve already moved Superman up there for a bit of motivation, but I’m turning to the storage and desks layout next.

I could do a whole lot worse than turn to these amazing offices for ideas. I love how they’re all sophisticated, inspiring and full of character but still practical working spaces. More than almost any other room, studios and home offices come with a whole host of dull requirements – like a gazillion cables, printers, paperwork that needs to be filed and stashed away, ergonomic chairs, task lighting, routers and who knows what else. In short, STUFF. I think what these spaces all demonstrate is that there are ways to accommodate all that gubbins and still have an inspiringly beautiful space to work in. Storage solutions are key here – I love the open shelving, library-esque vibe of some of the grander spaces. Who wouldn’t want a whole art deco home library complete with spiral staircase? But away from fantasy land there are also tons of simple ideas to steal, such as wire storage baskets hung above a desk or sprawling moodboards pinned to the wall. I even think I spy some IKEA furniture in that lot!

With the practical stuff out of the way, it’s also super important to introduce all those cool, cosy design elements too. Every room needs personality. These offices have it in spades, which is why they’ve made my faves list. Rugs, textiles, colour, pattern, art, accessories and lighting are all used to elevate studios from something humdrum to totally wow. I love the low hanging pendants lights/wallpaper combo in , unexpected pops of colour on the bookshelves, and fabulous vintage rugs dotted around everywhere. There’s definitely enough to get me thinking. Anyway forgive my waffling and just enjoy the pictures. These are my favourites – let me know which one gets your vote! I’ll be back next week with more round up . Happy Friday everyone.

PS: if you were trying to spot Gem’s hallway in , it’s ! Maybe it’s cheating a tad to include my sisters place, let alone one that I helped design, but hey. My blog my rules! And it’s genuinely one of my all-time favourites, I have mega hallway envy.


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