Affordable Art Fair Talk
11 Oct

Affordable Art Fair Talk

Guys, there is so much going on at AA HQ at the moment – all just so exciting! So, I thought I would take 5 to share with you where I am going next Sunday.

As you guys know, my new favourite obsession is the and I am going to be taking part in a Q&A on Sunday, 22nd October. I would love for you guys to come and ask questions, and also get the latest gossip on what’s next for AA.

Artists in Residence - Trevor Price - Indian 

If you didn’t know already, I am doing a fab  where I created my very own edit: My Affordable Art Fair x Finalhosting.

The Affordable Art Fair x Finalhosting Edit is available from under £500 jam-packed with a mixture of artwork by amazing artists with moody palettes, texture and pops of colour. Here is a

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