01 Jun


Starting, running and keeping a business isn’t easy. We all know that it requires a huge amount of sacrifice, oodles of hours and a strong resilience. I attribute our success down to passion; I am genuinely interested in interiors, (correction: obsessed with interiors) so as much as it's hard graft it doesn’t feel half as bad when you are addicted to what you do.


Stick with it

When things get tough - and trust me they get tough - you rely on that passion to get you through. If it's always about the dollar, or margins (big sorry here to Sushil our fantastic CFO), then I don’t think we would be where we are today.



In order to move your business forward you have to stay focused. I have zillions of emails a day but I rarely reply to all of them, if I did I would literally get nothing done, so stay focused and don’t get distracted!


Don’t accept failure

There have been times along the way (and I am pretty sure times to come) when I’ve just wanted to throw in the towel, when the job in hand has felt herculean but I think it's my refusal to not give up that has stood us in good stead.


Dig deep

The biggest thing holding you back is you. Generally people are risk adverse, or steer away from challenges and opportunities that should they fail, do some serious damage. Success comes from hard work and has very little to do with anything else.

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