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As much as I love talking about my pad, it's fab to find out about other amazing spaces and Instagram is a great source for inspiration. The interiors community is so lovely and supportive and I thought I'd start a new series here on my blog to talk to some of my favourites and showcase some people that you should be following! 
The first person I'm talking to is the lovely Pati Robins who posts images of her dark and delicious eclectic home on Instagram and blogs at . 


Full time carer, serial decorator and photographer.

When did your love of interiors start?

I have always loved DIY and up-cycling and I was driving my parents insane with constant repaints of furniture and making accessories out of random objects. Me and my husband then moved in to the rented home we are living in now, every wall was a nicotine stained magnolia hell. After sleeping 6 months on the floor, I decided to improvise and start making this house a home, so I started with finding key pieces like a bed and making it my own. The biggest change I have to face was how to camouflage my husband's disability adaptations into this small home, so they don’t become a feature. Here we are 12 years later living happily in our non magnolia home.

Describe your style in three words

Eclectic, rock & glam. 

Who inspires you?

I would have to say my mum as she always taught me that life is too short to worry what other people might think or say, to live my life to the full and most importantly, to have fun – I apply all of these to my home.
Interiors wise my first inspiration that blew me away was your home Abigail – I think you have started a massive trend here making people not afraid to do what makes them happy in interiors; which in turn results in lots of amazing and hugely personal spaces that are popping up all over Instagram. 
Have you made any mistakes when it comes to interiors?

Yes and plenty of them. I believe in “if you don’t try you never know" and this resulted in my bathroom being painted by sponging on the walls 3 different shades off salmon and terracotta – it was a good idea at the time but looked horrible. 
Top piece of advice you can give?
Be yourself and don’t decorate your home just because its on trend or because your friends think it's nice – it is your home and you and you alone should feel happy and relaxed in it, because when you are happy whoever walks through your front door will feel “at home” also. 

Which is your favourite room in your house and why?                                     

My living room – over the years it has evolved so much and recently I have removed the 70’s style dado rail which has allowed me to use the wall to the max without any obstructions. Our living room is also a collection of things we all as a family love, from pops of pink that my daughter is obsessed with to framed vinyl covers from our favourite band. It is also space we as a family spend a lot of time in – be it socialising or spending a night in, in front of the TV.


You’re a big fan of dark interiors like me, has this always been your style?

No it was not. I started with very minimal, white walls – not by choice but by necessity at the time. We both moved in with a bag each full of clothes and it took us a few years to get used to the space, find some furniture and accessories and find a style that suits us both. White and minimal spaces can be beautiful but we much prefer a darker backdrop to our colourful accessories.

Who should we follow on Instagram? 

There are so many talented people with equally as beautiful homes, but I am obsessed with: 
- I adore the fact that Marcie's home is also done on a budget with bags of creativity.
- Rachel's home is very gothic glam; I love the pops of gold and the fact that this fire cracker does also a lot of DIY herself. 

Follow Pati here 


  • Julia Eldon
    May 21, 2018

    Great read – Pati is just one of the sweetest people on Instagram and her home is fabulous . So creative and inspiring xx

  • Anna Straw
    May 15, 2018

    What a great read about the gorgeous Pati, so thrilled that she has been featured on here and is being recognised for her talent, she’s an inspiration to many and so lovely and supportive of other Instagrammers too x

  • Tinamarie Clark
    May 08, 2018

    Such a delight to see Pati, a great inspiration to many, well done xxx

  • Gemma Medden
    May 08, 2018

    Fab interview! Pati’s home is a never ending pot of inspiration and she’s also a bloomin lovely person too 🖤

  • Janelle
    May 08, 2018

    This was such a great read. I love Pati’s Home!

  • Sarah
    May 04, 2018

    What a great interview Abigail… as you say yourself the interiors community on instagram is a very supportive one.. Pati is such a supportive woman who has her own clear sense of individuality, creativity and style. A truly gorgeous resourceful and creative home!!!

  • Lydia Spencer
    May 04, 2018

    What a great read. Pati is so talented and so lovely with it. X

  • Deana
    May 04, 2018

    Such an awesome interview getting an inside scoop in these gorgeous interiors. Her style is the best of rock n roll and modern eclectic. Was drooling over all these pictures of her home.

  • Jane Fitch
    May 04, 2018

    What a blinder interviewing Pati. She’s one of the most supportive people in the interiors instagram community, she always has something nice and supportive to say to so many people and she’s always sharing her top DIY tips and cool places to bag a bargain. Rock on Pati. xx

  • Scrumbles Living
    May 04, 2018

    I loved this post Abigail and I especially love all things Pati. She’s so incredibly supportive to us all and her home is incredible. Thank you for sharing.
    Kate xx

  • justanoviceatinteriordesign
    May 04, 2018

    So delighted that Pati was your first interview. She is such an inspiration and a wonderful support to so many interiors accounts on Instagram…thanks Pati x

  • Sarah Raynor
    May 04, 2018

    Love Pati, her home and her amazing photography 🖤also one of the most kind hearted and supportive people on insta. Xxx

  • Tina Bousu
    May 04, 2018

    What a great interview!! I’m a HUGE Pati fan and adore her as much as I do her home. ❤❤

  • Mel forsyth
    May 04, 2018

    Great interview Abigail. Pati is so lovely. Her home is such an inspiration and Pati is always so supportive to our instagram community. She share hints and tips and finds all the best bargains which she shares. Just fab Pati xx

  • Angie
    May 04, 2018

    I adore Pati and her gorgeous home!! I love learning more about her creative process!!

  • Katie
    May 04, 2018

    What an awesome feature! Love Pati and her cool eclectic home and it was great to learn more about her!

  • Kristin
    May 03, 2018

    Wonderful feature! Pati is one of my inspirations and I loved hearing more about her family and her cool rock glam style!!🖤😘 Her home is the essence of cool!!😎

  • Deborah Vos
    May 03, 2018

    I just live everything about Pati and her house. She’s a true inspiration !

  • Elizabeth
    May 03, 2018

    I loved reading this interview about Pati. She is so talented. It was fun learning more about her and what inspires her. Yes yes to designing what makes you happy any not feeling like you have to decorate with the current trends. It’s your home, you are living there and you need to love it. Pati is clearly doing it and doing it well 🙌🏻!

  • Maddie
    May 03, 2018

    I love Pati’s home SO much! Great read!

  • Marcie
    May 03, 2018

    Oh my goodness!! Thankyou so much for mentioning me a Pati ….you have always been such a support to me and I can’t thank you enough….how you’ve expressed yourself in your home is an inspiration to others …as you are 💗💗💗💗

  • Valerie
    May 03, 2018

    I always adore Pati’s rockin’ style

  • Sally Worts
    May 03, 2018

    Pati is insta royalty – her home is fabulous and she is just the nicest most encouraging person on Instagram 🌺🖤🌺 always sharing tips and bargains – great interview Abigail

  • Laura Robertson
    May 03, 2018

    I love Pati and her incredible style! So glad we met through Instagram – she has such a refreshing, eclectic style and is an incredibly supportive IG friend! Thanks for sharing more about her and her home🖤

  • Pati
    May 03, 2018

    Thank you so much for this fantastic oportunity to be interviewed you made my whole week

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